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Tunze Magnet Holder 6080

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Tunze Magnet Holder 6080

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Tunze Magnet Holder 6080


TUNZE® Magnet Holder 6080.50 and 6200.50 are used to attach all Turbelle® pumps and Comline components. This patented holding device has a very high holding power, and can be used to attach all other TUNZE® devices to the aquarium pane as well, provided the sliding unit of the standard clamp-type holder is used. The Magnet Holder consists of a two-part magnetic shaped part. The inside unit is placed in the water and the external unit is attached to the outside of the aquarium; both parts are identical in shape.

Within a short period of time, the inside unit with the sliding unit for the pump or the Comline components can be positioned on the inside glass pane. Subsequently, the external unit has to be attached to the same position on the glass pane from the outside. On account of their encapsulated construction, the Magnet Holder is resistant to corrosion, and causes no harmful effects for the aquarium biotope. Dimensions: L112 x W15 x H103 mm

Magnet Holder 6080.500

Up to a glass thickness of 12 mm (.47 in.).

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Additional Information

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