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Tropic Marin Classic SeaSalt Reef Marine Aquariums - 200g Bucket mix

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Tropic Marin Classic SeaSalt Reef Marine Aquariums - 200g Bucket mix

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Parameter Suggested Level:
Reef Aquarium
Suggested Level:
FOWLR Aquarium
Average Level:
Coral Reefs
Specific Gravity 1.023 - 1.025 1.020 - 1.025 1.025
Temperature 72 - 78°F 72 - 78°F 82°F
pH 8.1 - 8.4 8.1 - 8.4 8.0 - 8.5
Alkalinity 8 - 12 dKH 8 - 12 dKH 6 - 8 dKH
Ammonia (NH3) Undetectable Undetectable Near Zero
Nitrite (NO2) Undetectable Undetectable Near Zero
Nitrate - Nitrogen (NO3) < 1.0 ppm < 30 ppm 0.25 ppm
Phosphate (PO4) < 0.2 ppm < 1.0 ppm 0.13 ppm
Calcium 350 - 450 ppm 350 - 450 ppm 380 - 420 ppm
Magnesium 1250 - 1350 ppm 1150 - 1350 ppm 1300 ppm
Iodine 0.06 - 0.10 ppm 0.04 - 0.10 ppm 0.06 ppm

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Help make sure your reef aquarium environment is as pure and natural as possible with Tropic Marin Pro Reef Aquarium Sea Salt. This premium-quality, completely biodegradable sea salt is made from pharmaceutically-pure salts that contain all 70 trace elements found in natural seawater concentrations. It contains optimized concentrations of calcium and magnesium to promote the growth of corals, and is completely free from synthetic additives, nitrates and phosphates. Formulated with the latest scientific research and Tropic Marin’s more than 50 years of experience, this laboratory and aquarium-tested formula is made with only the highest quality raw materials and is carefully monitored throughout the production processes to ensure perfect solubility in water.

Key Benefits

  • Premium-quality sea salt contains 70 major and minor trace elements in the exact proportions found in tropical sea water.
  • Made with pharmaceutical-grade, 100% biodegradable salts; contains zero synthetic additives, nitrates or phosphates.
  • Optimizes calcium and magnesium concentrations and helps maintain alkalinity levels in the 7-8 dKH range.
  • Ideally suited for use in setting up a new saltwater aquarium, performing regular maintenance water changes, and re-equilibrating the pH of your tank.
  • Provides the ideal environment for the care and growth of fish, corals and other aquatic invertebrates in a reef aquarium.


Always add the salt to the water, never the water to the salt. Making a concentrated mixture will cause a calcium carbonate precipitate to form.

New look, same great formula! This product has recently undergone a packaging change. Customers may receive old packaging during this transition.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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