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Master Electronic Pump 1073.090

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Master Electronic Pump 1073.090

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Master Electronic Pump 1073.090


The Master electronic pumps set new standards in the field of water pumps for continuous operation. At a high pumping head and high pumping capacity, the conventional market frequently offers the following solutions: Air-cooled asynchronous motors requiring costly servicing or synchronous motor pumps used in ponds which are not resistant to lime. Heating pumps are also converted into aquarium pumps causing the danger of poisoning by metal ions. The Master electronic pumps instead uses an electronically controlled synchronous motor, encapsulated in PU resin, and with a very high efficiency. The only moveable part is the pump drive, consisting of a magnetic rotor running on ceramic bearings, and a high-performance impeller. These properties permit a very low-noise operation inside or outside of the aquarium.

VERY LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION on account of the electronic motor with permanent magnet rotor; the energy consumption is 50 per cent lower than in similar pumps fitted with asynchronous motors.
HIGH PERFORMANCE on account of the specifically designed impeller and the unidirectional rotation.
LOW-NOISE OPERATION on account of the precise pump drive and hydrodynamic ceramic bearing.
LONG SERVICE LIFE as the motor contains only one moving part. The impeller housing is easy to open and clean; the drive can be replaced in a matter of a few minutes. The pump is insensitive to liming in saltwater; the motor has been fitted with a protective thermostat.
COMPACT DIMENSIONS. CABLE 10 m (393.6 in.), three-pole plug.

Pumping capacity:
8,300 l/h (2,190 US gal./h)
Energy consumption: 120 W
Pumping head: 5 m (196.8 in.)
Voltage / frequency: 230V/50Hz (115V/60Hz)

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Tunze