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Live Phytoplankton Food for your Copepods and Rotifers

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Live Phytoplankton Food for your Copepods and Rotifers

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Perfect food for your Copepods and Rotifers 

Directions - Invert and/or shake the Bag a few times before opening it. The larger algae cells such as Tetraselmis tend to settle to the bottom. If you have not used Phyto before, start with 2oz per 25 gallons each day.

Your animals will rapidly become accustomed to the phytoplankton (microalgae) and be able to feed on quite a bit more. If your animals do not "clear" the water in less than an hour or two - back off on the amount you are adding because your systems is not fully digesting all the micro algae. A common dosage for a mature system is 4oz per 25 gallons, depending on your tank setup and animal density.

Storage -Store in a Cool Place like a Refrigerator but never a freezer.

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*Great Food for your Copepods and Rotifers

 Live-Phyto has the same algae as Phyto-Feast but is handled with special care. Live Phyto is harvested and shipped fresh each week and has better short-term cell viability. 

 It contains a blend of the most important marine microalgae, those chosen by universities and hatcheries for their superior nutritional value: Pavlova, Isochrysis, Thalassiosira weissflogii, Tetraselmis, Nannochloropsis, and Synechococcus.



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Additional Information

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