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E.S.V. 2-part Doser

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E.S.V. 2-part Doser

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E.S.V. 2-part Doser


This device is actually 2 dosers in one unit. It will enable you to automate the daily additions of both components of B-Ionic Calcium Buffer (BICB), utilizing the simple principle of air pressure displacing the liquid additives into your system. To power the doser, the purchaser will need to supply 2 lamp timers, 2 air pumps, and 2 check valves. The air pumps must have a minimum pressure output of 4 P.S.I.. A basic description of how this device works is given below. Please refer to the following two diagrams.

Figure #1 - BICB from the reservoir flows down through the #1 check valve and into the metering cup. This displaces the air in the cup out the adjustable air vent. When the level in the cup reaches the bottom of the air vent tube the air can no longer escape and the cup will stop filling at this level.

Figure #2 - The lamp timer turns on the air pump, which pressurizes the metering cup. This closes the #1 check valve and forces the BICB up the delivery tube, through the flow control valve, and into the reef tank. When the timer turns of the air pump, the pressure drops, the #1 check valve opens and the metering cup refills to the same level for the next day's dose.

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Additional Information

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