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Elos PS200 Protein Skimmer With Sicce pump

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Elos PS200 Protein Skimmer With Sicce pump

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Fits: Elos mini, midi and system 80 

12.6cm x 10.5cm (4.961 x 4.134 inches) for a 50cm (19685 inches) high unit including the collection cup. The skimmer’s body is 10cm (3.937 inches) in diameter.



Presenting the PS200
The power skimmer 200 is a disperser skimmer; this means the skimmer’s water pump has a modified motor. The traditional rotor blades are replaced by a system of brush (Pin) wheels which optimizes the water/air mixture and thus, forms very tiny and homogeneous bubbles using a micro cavitation effect.
In this system the air is injected before the water pump with a venturi effect.
This kind of skimmer is very common and has the advantage of being very quiet and energy efficient. 
On the PS200, Elos optimizes the process by adding a distributor plate which permits an excellent diffusion of the water/air mix inside the skimmer’s body.
Mounting & installation in the sump
The Elos PS200 skimmer is shipped without mounting instructions which can be puzzling for a beginner; it is an area that Elos should make efforts to improve for beginners. Fortunately mounting is easy.

For those who might have trouble setting up the different components, there is a video made by Jesse (Elos USA Blog manager) explaining how to set it up with a lot of detail on how to mount:
The PS200 has a larger diameter (10cm / 3.937 inches) than the NS100 (8cm / 3.150 inches) but the sump tank seems less crowded. Indeed, the NS100 used to occupy a bigger space with its side-mounted pump (20 x 9cm / 7.874 x 3.543 inches). The line configuration of the PS200 has an undeniable advantage in terms of space, but also as we will see later in this article in terms of efficiency!
The PS200 is very stable thanks to the soft pads located under the Syncra pump. This avoids vibration transmission (resonation) and thus, noise.
Additional Information

Additional Information

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