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Elos Prima Line - Alkali 01

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Elos Prima Line - Alkali 01

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Elos Prima Line - Alkali 01


Elos Prima Line - Alkali 01



Prima Alkali is a concentrated, ionically balanced blend of alcaline compounds designed to restore and maintain inside the Reef Aquarium the correct “Alcaline Balance” to levels found in natural seawater.

It includes Calcium as well as Magnesium and Strontium, in an amounts proportionate to the average utilization ratios thus allowing to keep the correct level of these two important elements while integrating Calcium to the desired value.

Used in combination with Prima Carbonates, it will permits the aquarist to easily maintain calcium and alkalinity levels with no disruption of the ionic balance of the Aquarium water.

Part of our Prima Line Integrators, developed with the view that beautiful marine aquaria can also be not so time-consuming as some people may think, Prima Alkali is designed to be simple to use but also very precise to dose. On each bottle it is clearly stated the amount of Calcium, Magnesium and Strontium dosed with each measure thus permitting the most sophisticated user to create its own integration program without the need of complicated calculation.

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