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Elos Concept 80 Marine Aquarium System

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Elos Concept 80 Marine Aquarium System

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38 Gallon Rimless Glass Aquarium

Includes: Tank, Stand, Led Aqua Top Light and Red, White and Grey Panel - POOL 80s: 31.5" x 16.875" x 16.875" Cabinet - SQUARE 80: 31.5" x 16.875" x 34.25"

Prewoned for only 4 months, Looks brand new. 



Elos Concept 80 - Where Quality & Simplicity Unite

With Elos Concept80, we intend to create a new trend in our range of aquariums, through a new approach and concept: An aquarium that can be customized and upgraded according to your needs. With its extreme flexibility and list of accessories, you can build the aquarium of your dreams. This model comes with a cover (Concept80Top) in an Acrylic (in white central area), with the front and rear wings in transparent Acrylic. The front wing flips up and also can be removed for better access to the inside of the tank (for maintenance). The Concept version "OVERFLOW" is equipped to easily connect to a SUMP (external filter) with our entirely new, extremely quiet and adjustable overflow and pre-installed bottom through plate. Built using high quality glass with polished edges and front crystal clear glass pane, the new concept 80 overflow version, is the newest Elos aquarium for the Marine enthusiast that can be simply connected to an external filter (SUMP). By design, all aspects of your aquarium can be customized to your specific needs. As an example, the Concept80Top can be customized using our T5 lighting or LED waterproof tubes. You can choose to use 2xT5 or 4xT5 with 24 watts and/or 2 or 4 LED tubes of 24 watts. If you prefer you can also combine the two lighting systems. The cabinet can be customized by changing the colour of the front fascia along with the Concept80Top with the following colors: red, silver, black and acid green. the Lighting System. innovative material, superior flexibility Details make our aquariums unique, and the Lighting System has always been the key. We have a long history of innovation in lighting. Whether it’s through the use of electronic, materials, or ‘eureka moments’ of brilliance Elos engineers constantly strive to produce the best possible light systems. The new Top is definitive quality, coupled with an eye to detail. Glossy, brilliant and transparent, it can house classic T5 tubes or the most innovative Led Strips. Choose it in white, black, and silver or indulge with the more refreshing green and red. And if you want to make a "statement" you can even connect it to the E-Vision to fully control your light by the touch of a finger.


Aquarium POOL80s type: EXTRA CLEAR glass with polished edges, with our Elos overflow and protection against snails

Cabinet SQUARE80 type: made of with a highly water resistant core and a water resistant outer laminate in gloss white. Can be customized by choosing the door color. Optional varnishing, glossy or matte, according to the RAL table.

External Glass filter type (SUMP200): works inside of the Cabinet and includes the necessary elements for proper filtration without compromise. It is equipped with ABS cover to reduce any unwanted splashes or condensation.

Mechanical chamber: in the mechanical chamber of the SUMP, the water exits the Elos PS Skimmer and microfiltered mechanically through the interchangeable Elos filter bag

Double Organic chamber: in the organic chamber, the valve controls our variable velocity chambers (VVC) ®. Here the water is enriched with micro elements. Both compartments allows the adjustment of water flow speed making this a very flexible chamber where active carbon, resins, live rock, etc. can be used.

Chamber for water reposition: the filter includes a chamber for top off water using our ELOS OSMOCONTROLLER Digital Not included

Connections: drain hose in corrugated design, refill tube in silicone and PVC fittings

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Additional Information

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