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Elos Aqua Test PHM - pH Test Kit Marine

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Elos Aqua Test PHM - pH Test Kit Marine

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 Elos Aqua Test PHM - pH Test Kit Marine


The pH value or acid value indicates how acidic or alkaline water is. It is a measure of the concentration of the acidic or alkaline components in a hydrous solution.

The Salt Water aquarium pH-value is considered between 8.1 and 8.4 pH which is the value found in natural seawater.

Many organisms will react with high sensitivity to very small variations of the pH-value. An overly drop or rise should be avoided absolutely. Most of the organisms reacts sensitively (or die) on a pH-level, which is constantly far away from the requested value as well as on gravid modifications.

Therefore, a regular check on the pH-level is elementary necessary to note and to avoid any negative development.

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Additional Information

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