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Deltec D & D Salinity Refractometer

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Deltec D & D Salinity Refractometer

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Simple, Quick & Easy to Use Refractometer

Accurately read your water's salinity with this precision instrument.



Almost all, if not all, of the refractometers currently available to the aquarium hobby are designed for measuring saltwater (sodium chloride or brine solution) and not true ‘seawater’. Although seawater is mostly sodium chloride it also contains other elements such as magnesium and calcium that change the refractive index slightly and will give a slightly different result.

The most common symptom of this difference in refractive index can be seen when mixing up salt as per salt manufacturer’s instructions and achieving a solution strength where it appears, through testing, that the levels of elements are lower than stated by the manufacturer. In actual fact all of the levels are low as the salinity is not as high as the aquarist believes – we have all seen low Ca or Mg for a given SG with almost all brands of salt.

True calibration for Seawater measurement

A New finer scale running from 20-40ppt salinity (SG 1.015 - 1.030)

20/20 calibration at room temperature for more consistency and accuracy in everyday use

Full ATC (auto temperature compensation) ranging from 5 to 30 deg C

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Additional Information

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