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Bubble Magus Curve D9 DC Protein Skimmer

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Bubble Magus Curve D9 DC Protein Skimmer

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Bubble Magus Curve D9 DC Protein Skimmer

These features include:a needle wheel pump with a venturi intake that produces just the right amount and size of air bubbles, a bubble plate to reduce the turbulence in the reaction chamber, a innovative `curve` skimmer body that allow the foam to smoothly rise to the collection cup, an air silencer to ensure quiet operation, a quick-release collection cup and skimmer body for easy cleaning, a collection cup drain to reduce maintenance frequency, and lastly, a compact footprint that allows easy installation.



Bubble Magus Curve D9 DC Protein Skimmer

features a controllable DC pump and the needle wheel impeller resulting in a skimmer unsurpassed control and exceptional performance at an affordable pricing. The Bubble magus D series is truly an unbeatable value.

The proprietary, custom built controllable pump allows for unique adjustment of the skimmers performance based upon the individual needs of the tank


  • Pump  :   BUBBLE-MAGUS S50 
  • Power  : DC 24V 45W
  • Size :250*295*610MM
  • Capacity :900L -1500L
  • Best water level : 250MM
Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Bubble Magus