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BP150 Bubble Magus Seaside Aquatics BioPellets Reactor 400 gallons

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BP150 Bubble Magus Seaside Aquatics BioPellets Reactor 400 gallons

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Designed with the hobbyist in mind, these all-in-one reactors are simple to setup up, saves valuable space, conserves costly energy and allows for full control of the flow you provide to the media. Powered by our energy efficient water blaster pump to provide the most energy efficient and dependable feed flow for the bio-pellet media.


Bubble Magus / Seaside Aquatics

BP150 BioPellet Reactor

Item #:BB-BP150 

Rated up to: 400 Gallons


Pump: WP1000

Voltage: 120V 60HZ 23W

Reactor diameter:5.1”


Capability:800-1500L (400 Gallons) 


BioPellets hit the market hard over the last few years and have become a very popular way to decrease nutrients in a reef aquarium. Bubble Magus has relased this high quality line of BioPellet Reactorsdesigned for the use of solid carbon dosing biopellets. With the use of these media reactors keeping your nutrients low is a breeze.

Each reactor utilizes a fluidizing cone bottom design to keep the biopellet media in suspension and evenly dispersed in the water column. Each reactor comes features that help with maintenance, such as fastening screws to keep it water tight. A mesh screen keeps the biopellets from entering the plumbing line. We offer 3 different sizes for use with many different aquarium sizes.

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Additional Information

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