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Reef Octopus BIO-Sphere Bio Pellets Media

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Reef Octopus BIO-Sphere Bio Pellets Media

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Available: 500ml, 1000ml, 1/2G, 1G

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BIO-Sphere Media 


Bio-Spheres are a specifically designed pure solid carbon source created to help reduce nitrates and phosphates within a marine environment. By encouraging the growth of beneficial bacteria and enzymes on the media’s surface, this pure self regulating media continuously provides a food source required for beneficial bacteria to reproduce and metabolize nitrates and phosphates.


What Makes this different than other "Pellets" on the market?


100% Natural Polyhdroxyalkanoates (PHA) Round shape for easier flow rates with less restriction!

  • The purity of the product - No hamful binders are used in the pellets creation
  • The shape - Allows for a better fluid like flow essential for optimal results
  • The Texture - Less likely to clump together

Directions for use:

Use 100 – 150ml of Bio-Spheres per 25 gallons of system volume. Rinse the Bio-Spheres with purified fresh water and place in a properly sized fluidized media reactor with sufficient flow to keep them gently simmering. If they start to clump or slime up, they will be less effective and may turn anaerobic causing the production of hydrogen sulfide. The Reef Octopus BioPellet Reactor is most effective with this product. Direct the output of the reactor into the same area as the protein skimmer intake. Within 3-4 weeks the Bio-Spheres will be sufficiently colonized with bacteria and will begin to reduce organic compounds. Aquariums with high bio-loads may experience a short period of temporary water cloudiness.



Bio-Spheres will remain effective until they disappear, which normally take approximately 8 months to a year. We recommend that you top off with fresh Bio-Spheres every 3 months to maintain maximum effectivene



500ml size bag   $29.95

1000ml size bag $55.95

1882ml 1/2 gallon $89.95

3764ml 1 gallon $149.95

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Additional Information

Manufacturer CoralVue