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TradeWind Chillers

All of TradeWind Chillers products are built by a staff that has been building reliable chillers for over 25 years.  Our focus is building the finest, most reliable chillers in the world.  In fact, we only build chillers, and they are proudly built in the USA!

We are dedicated to improving our already outstanding products.  Our team is headed by Hal Collier, who has earned a reputation for designing chillers that are practical and reliable for the aquarium, commercial, and industrial industries. We offer inline chillers from 1/5 hp up to 12 hp and drop-in style chillers from 1/5 hp up to our Super 1/3 hp.  The Super 1/3 hp is ideal for applications where a 1/3 hp is too small yet a 1/2 hp is too large. All chillers come standard with a 2 year warranty.  We also offer an extended warranty for up to 5 years because we have total confidence in the components and the manufacturing of each unit.

Note: Tradewind Chilers are shipped 3-5 days after Order is Placed. Only Smaller chillers such as 1/5, 1/4 and 1/3 Hp chillers Ship for FREE!!