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250 Watt Metal Halide Complete Kit Lumen bright Reflector, Reeflux bulb, Ballast

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250 Watt Metal Halide Complete Kit Lumen bright Reflector, Reeflux bulb, Ballast

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Includes: Reflector, Ballast and Bulb

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Kit Includes:

- Reeflux 250w 10,12k 0r 20k Single ended mogul base

- Lumenbright Mini Reflector

- Luxcore 175-250w Selectable Ballast 

ReefLux 250w Mogul Base (SE) Lamps


ReefLux Performance Series 175 Watt Lamps

The ReefLux Reef Blend 12000 Kelvin lamp is designed to the perfect mix for both coral growth and color. ReefLux lamps output great par and brings out amazing colors and growth from corals. The ReefLux 12000K will offer the most pleasing aesthetic color and high par output that easily make this lamp a great choice for reefkeepers that like to show off their corals natural beauty.




Lumen Bright Mini Metal Halide Reflector


Designed for Maximum Light Penetration

Delivers an intense & more precise light distribution over an aquarium at higher mounting heights. It`s design captures light rays that escape out the sides of ordinary reflectors.
Dimensions: 16” x 16” x 7”


  • 95% Reflectivity
  • 16.5% More Efficient than other Reflectors
  • Greater Water Surface Penetration
  • 24 Optical Facets
  • Increased Mounting Height
  • Adjustable Socke

LuXcore 250w Selectable Wattage Electronic Ballast

Digital Electronic Selectable Watt Ballast 
Selectable Settings: 150w, 175w, 250w, 250w Super Lumens


  • Fast start-up, low heat, silent operation
  • More lumens generated per watt
  • Runs all mogul & double ended MH lamps
  • Wired with female receptacle
  • Resettable circuit breaker
  • Anodized extruded aluminum body
  • plugs are compatible with Smart Volt™ cords found on Reef Optix® & LumenMax® reflectors
  • Backed by a 3 year warranty
Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Reef Octopus