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At Reef specialty, We promise to go the extra mile to help you have a successful aquarium. Our staff possesses years of experience with protein skimmers, LED lights, Metal Halide bulbs, controllers, reactors, chillers and much more. Whether you need help with your reef tank setup, LED lighting, aquarium maintenance, controller setup or protein skimmer installation, we at Reef specialty strive for customer service and technical support excellence.

Our technical knowledge covers a wide array of products from brands such as:

Red Sea, Maxspect Gyre, Maxspect Razor LED, Coralvue, Reef Octopus, Seachem, Caribsea live Sand, Real Reef Rock, EcoTech Marine, AquaIllumination, Cobalt, Brightwell Aquatics, Tunze, Diablo DC Pumps, Acurel, Systems, Tradewind Chillers, Finnex, Icecap, ELOS plus many more.

Also we offer Saltwater and Freshwater Aquarium products, Saltwater Reef supplies, Saltwater Aquarium supplies, and Freshwater Aquarium supplies.

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We have recently started a blog page in our website, where you can see a wide range of articles on various topics about fish keeping, fish types, freshwater and saltwater aquarium setups, etc. All the articles are written in a detailed way, which gives intense idea for many of your queries regarding fish and aquarium maintenance. We have categorized each of the article under topics like New aquarium, Fresh water aquarium, etc., that helps you to make your search simpler


One of our popular and best products for water circulating is “Maxspect Gyre Wave maker pumps”. This pumplets your aquarium pets to experience and enjoy the next generation water movement technology. Some of the exceptional features of Maxspect Gyre wave maker pumps are:

  • Discrete design
  • Evenly distributed water flow all through the aquarium
  • No virtual dead spots
  • Revolutionary cross flow technology
  • Waterproof mounting magnet
  • Beneficial gyre flow patterns
  • Mountable cradle controller

Also, our “Reef octopus hang on back protein skimmers” are best suitable for your aquarium. They are compact and powerful filter system that provides beneficial long term filtration even for very large tanks. Some of the features of Reef octopus hang on back skimmers that makes it the best to use are:

  • The pump is mounted externally and under the actual skimmer body. Thus, increasing internal space and less or no heat exchanged to the water.
  • Pump is easy to remove for cleaning and maintenance
  • Solid high quality acrylic construction and low profile body
  • Air silencer and surface skimmer
  • Powered by Aquatrance 1000s pump

We Also Offer Aquarium Maintnenace Services for ALL OF DFW Dallas MetroPlex. Frisco Aquarium Maintenance Services, The Colony Aquarium Maintenance Services. Call Us At 214-317-0471 To schedule Your service today!


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We propagated our first coral over 20 years ago. We currently have over 3,000g of Coral propagation tanks.

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